Roof Repair

Heritage Roofs and Gutters is proud to service Central Texas for all its roof repair needs. We understand that you don’t always know where to turn to get it repaired when something is wrong with your roof.

We want to ensure you have prompt, friendly service, and every one of your questions is answered before you choose us to work with. Heritage Roofs and Gutters is the roof repair company you can rely on in Killeen, Harker Heights, and beyond.

Roof Repair Services in Central Texas

Roof repairs come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the age of your home, the weather, and what issue pops up, you may need a specific type of roof repair to get it looking new again. Here’s what Heritage Roof and Gutters offer for roof repair.


Hail damage doesn’t occur often, but when it does, it can damage roofs, windows, and other parts of your property you might not think of. Hail often leads to homeowners needing to replace the roof because too much of its surface area is dented or damaged even during the briefest of storms.



Storms can cause havoc for roofs, too. Everything from rain, wind, sleet, ice, and snow can cause leaks and remove shingles. Storm damage needs to be assessed by our roofers to determine the type of damage to make recommendations for repair or replacement.


The wind is a common element of our weather in Central Texas. As you know, gusts can blow even the heaviest of property or debris around. Imagine what that wind does to your roof. If you’re missing a few shingles (or more) after a windstorm, you’ll need to get them replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your roof and prevent any leaks from occuring.


This is a very common repair here in Texas. The hot summer sun will eventually rot away the rubber grommets holding metal roof screws in place. If this happens, you won’t even notice it until a leak springs up. Ultimately, this can lead to tens of thousands of dollars of damage to your homes. You’ll need to repair more than just the roof in this case.
side-view of a home with seamless gutters


When damage occurs to shingles it can also occur to the felt underlayment and decking. If the felt is damaged then water can seep underneath and rot out or cause leaks through your decking. Decking replacement can most times be avoided if the repair is taken care of in a timely manner. Times when decking damage can’t be avoided is when a tree or limb falls onto the roof and punches a hole through the decking. This is an emergency situation that requires immediate attention to avoid any water from making its way into your home.


When the rubber around your pipe jack starts rotting away, water can make its way into your home and will eventually cause water damage.. By replacing the pipe jack you’ll prevent damage to the rest of your home.


Also known as turtle vents, your home’s plastic roof vents will be damaged by the Texas sun. This can cause cracks and leaks. If your home is still using these types of vents, we’ll recommend replacing them with aluminum roof vents to stop this problem from creeping up in the future.


Flashing around the house, often around the chimney, might get damaged, pulled away, or otherwise warped depending on age. The flashing may need to be fastened down or resealed. You won’t need to replace metal flashing though like you would other parts of your roof in most cases.


Just like metal flashing above, your chimney’s flashing or areas around the flute could see warping, damage, or be pulled away thanks to the wind, rain, and other storm damage. Over time, this can cause the wood around the chimney to rot, leading to further repairs to your chimney, roof, and attic.


If you’re selling your home or are a real estate agent in need of a roof inspection, Heritage Roof and Gutters can help. We will identify the issues on the roof that need repaired (such as damaged flashing or exposed nail heads) or recommend a replacement. We will repair or replace the roof and then provide the letter and invoicing needed to pass on to the underwriter to sign off that the repair or replacement has been completed properly so you can sell your home.

Heritage Roof and Gutters is Your Central Texas Roof Repair Experts

Heritage Roof and Gutters understands that when something is wrong with your home, it’s stressful. We don’t want to add to that stress. We’ll schedule a time to assess your roof, give you a prompt, honest estimate, walk you through what needs to be done, costs, and what the overall roofing repair process looks like so you know what to expect. We offer free estimates and require no money down until the repair is complete and you’re satisfied with the job done.